We've made it our job integrally sourcing real natural organic products and providing the convenience of a delivery service ( Vancouver BC and most of the lowermainland ). We’ve taken on the responsibility to ensure we are finding you the highest grade nutrient rich ethically produced food on the planet (preferably locally).  We are a young company...but excited, we are a small company...but with vision. We value truth, freedom, peace and love. We feel its our moral obligation to help serve our fellow brothers and sisters and our planet through this time of great change. Hope you enjoy our products as much as we do. thankyou for your support!















Zio’s Letter from one of the Founding Brothers:


Drastic change is needed... we've lost to many of our loved ones early to not question whats going on. Anyone that has done any research into our food supply with any conscience, or even half wittedly looked into it would realize...hey this isn’t right, and we wonder why the majority of us have some type of ailment or disease. Holy sheeep maybe it’s THE FOOD! Both ethically with the factory farming and nutritionally with the gmo’s, pesticides, fluoride, aspartame, msg, preservatives and host of other toxic additives, it combines for a ticking time bomb for our bodies. It don’t take a MD before your name or a dietary food scientist to figure it out, it’s NOT GOOD to put it mildly. Don’t just listen to me though, research for yourseIf. I follow health champions like Dr.Mercola, Mike Adams, the Food Babe, and many others leading the Food Revolution! Thank God for them and so many others... I eat organic because it makes me feel better, I have more energy, better focus and mental clarity. I’m not no health extremist (I’m still into my sweets, breads,wine and meat too...) but drastic change is needed on this planet and not much is more important than to start with our health and well being.


Be good to one another and have some fun out there..PEACE!


Adriano DiNunzio

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